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The LED Bulb that we can Offered

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China Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
The LED Bulb that we can Offered
Latest company news about The LED Bulb that we can Offered


1、Product Overview


The LED bulb is the abbreviation of the Light Emitting Diode English word, the light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device capable of converting electrical energy into visible light, which can directly convert electrical conversion to light.
The LED bulb lamp uses an existing interface mode, a screw (E27 E40 E14, etc.), a junction mode (B22, etc.), even in order to match people's usage habits to the shape of incandescent bulbs. Based on the LED unidirectional light-emitting principle, the designer has changed the lighting curve of the LED bulb lamp in the lamp structure to make the light source of the incandescent lamp.


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2、Product Model

Model Power Input CCT Quantity in one carton
AN-A60-5W 5W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 4.7kg
AN-A60-7W 7W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 4.7kg
AN-A60-9W 9W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 4.7kg
AN-A65-12W 12W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 6.0kg
AN-A70-15W 15W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 6.5kg
AN-A80-18W 18W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 7.5kg
AN-A80-24W 24W 85-265V 2700k-6500k 7.5kg


3.Product Advantages

3.1The biggest advantage of LED is energy saving

Bulb uses LED as a light source, and there is no IR (infrared) in the spectra when the LED is illuminated, and the overall structure uses a professional design heat dissipation structure, and the temperature is only 40-60 ° C in normal operation, even in large use, It is much lower than that of the ordinary bulb and the energy-saving lamp, and the chestnut is clearly reduced in the summer, and the workload and time of the refrigeration equipment are significantly reduced, and the difference between the combination of power (1:10), the result is the relative power consumption Reduce the expenditure, eventually reflect the energy saving of the ball.

3.2The lamp body is very small

The LED lamp is very small, very fine LED wafer is packaged inside the transparent epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light, saving a lot of materials and space in making and application.


3.3LED bulb working lifetime is long

Under the appropriate current and voltage, the LED lamp has a life of 50,000 hours, that is, the theoretical product life has more than 5 years, and more other types of lamps have longer working lifetime.


3.4Wide range of applications

Many lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps, living room ceilinglight, crystal lamps, wall lights, etc. are used as light sources; these luminaires are cost-effective, the main cost is on the lamp body, while the light source is low; using LED bulb as a light source When the light source is broken, the light source can be replaced with low cost without the need to repair the light, and the maintenance cost of use is reduced.


3.5Cost saves

Compared with incandescent lamps, the procurement price of LED lamps is higher. However, since the energy consumption of the LED is particularly low, a large number of electricity bills can save a large amount of electricity bills, which can save the investment of the lamp, so the comprehensive cost is more cost-effective.

4、Product Packaging

Power Carton box Packing Number GW
5W 60×31×23cm 100 4.7kg
7w 60×31×23cm 100 4.7kg
9W 60×31×23cm 100 4.7kg
12W 68×33×25cm 100 6.0kg
15W 75×35×28cm 100 6.5kg
18W 83×35×28cm 100 7.5kg
24W 83×35×28cm 100 7.5kg

latest company news about The LED Bulb that we can Offered  1

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