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The LED Bulb that from Aina Factory

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The LED Bulb that from Aina Factory
Latest company news about The LED Bulb that from Aina Factory

All kinds of LED Bulbs

  1. Product Overview

Now with the progress of society and the development of technology, the lighting industry has also developed by leaps and bounds, among which, there is the most favorite LED lamp.Why is that?Because LED lights have a lot of benefits.For example,energy saving, environmental protection, and long service life and so on.

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  1. About Us


Aina lighting is a vigorous start up with new brand, but with more than ten years of R & D of the other brand LED light, considering cut-throat competition, Aina Lighting was born.

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  1. Product Categories

3.1、A Bulb

A-Series Light Bulb The A-Series Light Bulb is A "classic" pear-shaped bulb.Type A bulbs are measured in 1⁄8 in. (3.2 mm) per unit in North America and in millimeters in Europe and India.

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Model Power Input CCT Package
AN-A55-3W 3w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 60x31x24cm/carton
AN-A50-5W 5w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 53x27x20cm/carton
AN-A60-7W 7w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 56x29x22cm/carton
AN-A60-9W 9w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 64x34x26cm/carton
AN-A65-12W 12w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 66x32x24cm/carton
AN-A70-15W 15w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 70x36x28cm/carton


3.2、T Bulb


Model Power Input CCT Package
AN-T50-5W 5w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 52x27x21.5cm
AN-T60-10W 10w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 62x32x25.5cm
AN-T70-15W 15w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 72x37x28.5cm
AN-T80-20W 20w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 82x42x32cm
AN-T100-30W 30w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 52x52x37.5cm
AN-T120-40W 40w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 61x61x42.5cm
AN-T140-50W 50w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 66x66x49cm
AN-T140-60W 60w 175v-265v 2700k-6500k 71.5x43x51cm


3.3、UFO Bulb


Model Power Input CCT Package
AN-TJ-UF08-30W 30w 175-265V 2700k-6500k 67x28x27cm
AN-TJ-UF08-45W 45w 175-265V 2700k-6500k 77x32x27cm
AN-TJ-UF08-60W 60w 175-265V 2700k-6500k 87x36x32cm
AN-TJ-UF08-80W 80w 175-265V 2700k-6500k 97x40x32cm


3.4、LED Emergency Bulb

LED emergency light bulb is also known as storage light bulb, delay light bulb, continuous light bulb, power failure lights, emergency light bulb combined with general lighting function and power failure emergency lighting function and lighting color can be designed according to different needs, has the advantages of wide applicability, easy installation or replacement.


Model Power Input Battery Light Size
AN-XWEB-5W 5w AC85-265V 1200mah 60x105mm
AN-XWEB-7W 7w AC85-265V 1200mah 65x120mm
AN-XWEB-9W 9w AC85-265V 1200mah 75x130mm
AN-XWEB-12W 12w AC85-265V 1200mah 95x145mm
AN-XWEB-15W 15w AC85-265V 1500mah 95x150mm


3.5、Energy Saving Bulb

Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, LED energy-saving bulbs have the following advantages: they usually use about 25% to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and can prolong their life by 3-25 times.



Model Power Input CCT Package
AN-TR-7W 7w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 52.5x27x27cm
AN-TR-9W 9w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 52.5x27x27cm
AN-TR-12W 12w 220-240V 2700k-6500k 65x33.5x34.5cm


3.6、Corn Bulb



Model Power Input Led Light size
AN-CQ02-10W 10w AC170-260V 2835-42pcs 35x110mm
AN-CQ02-15W 15w AC170-260V 2835-60pcs 50x120mm
AN-CQ02-20W 20w AC170-260V 2835-72pcs 60x140mm
AN-CQ02-25W 25w AC170-260V 2835-90pcs 72x150mm
AN-CQ02-30W 30w AC170-260V 2835-120pcs 62x205mm
AN-CQ02-40W 40w AC170-260V 2835-140pcs 75x210mm
AN-CQ02-60W 60w AC170-260V 2835-170pcs 88x230mm
AN-CQ02-80W 80w AC170-260V 2835-216pcs 113x245mm


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