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SKD Bulbs
Latest company news about SKD Bulbs

1、Product Overview

SKD bulbs are composed of lampshade, lamp housing, aluminum plate, lamp holder, screws, etc. Our installation method is very simple, no welding is required. Mainly suitable for indoor lighting.

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  1. Product details
Model Power LPW Input LED
AN-A45-3W 3w 336lms AC180-250V 2835*6
AN-A60-5W 5w 576lms AC180-250V 2835*8
AN-A60-7W 7w 816lms AC180-250V 2835*12
AN-A60-9W 9w 1020lms AC180-250V 2835*13
AN-A65-12W 12w 1344lms AC180-250V 2835*14
AN-A70-15W 15w 1680lms AC180-250V 2835*26
AN-A80-18W 18w 2040lms AC180-250V 2835*26
AN-A95-22W 22w 2400lms AC180-250V 2835*28


  1. Product Features

3.1. Wide input voltage: AC: 85-265V, suitable for most countries.

3.2. Pure aluminum shell, good heat dissipation, safety,

3.3. Energy saving, under the same illumination conditions, it can save 70%~80% energy than traditional fluorescent lamps.

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3.4. Low noise, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, safe cold light source.

3.5. The ultra-long life span is up to 50,000 hours, which is ten times that of traditional energy-saving lamps.

3.6. Easy to install, no need to weld, just install it directly.


  1. Product Packaging

Each part of the bulb will be packed in a carton

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  1. Product Application

SKD bulb can be widely used in various lighting, table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps and so on.

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