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RGB Panel Light
Latest company news about RGB Panel Light

1、Product Overview

RGB panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing. The light source is LED, which can be synthesized in various colors. It can also give people a beautiful feeling.

The RGB panel light has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high transmittance to form a uniform flat luminous effect. The illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

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  1. Product Details
Model Power RGB Single Power Input LPW
AN-6060-40w-R 40w 21.5w AC220-240V 100lm/w


  1. Product Features

3.1、Ultra-thin : the overall thickness is 10 mm; light in weight that save transportation cost.

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3.2、Uniform luminance : even and soft light, no dazzle.

3.3、Environmental protection : instant start, no flash, no noise.

3.4、Stability : use high brightness and low attenuation LED light source, high grade cooling aluminum frame to ensure the stability and service life of products.

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3.5、Energy conservation : high light efficiency, less power consumption; save more than 60% of energy compared with traditional lights.

3.6、Installation : easy and quick installation, improve working efficiency effectively, save manual labor, installation time and costs.

  1. Product Packaging

Packaging Size:645x230x675mm/5 pcs


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  1. Product Application

5.1、Light box, luminous signs, labels, display cabinet, product exhibition stand, etc.

5.2、Glass curtain wall decoration, commercial space and home decoration, etc.

5.3、Luxury caravan’s inner light source modification, switch’s backlight indication, etc.

5.4、Photographic backlight products, exit backlight indicators, etc.

5.5、Other indoor and outdoor decoration lighting project.

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