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LED Tunnel Lighting

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China Aina Lighting Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
LED Tunnel Lighting
Latest company news about LED Tunnel Lighting

1、Product Overview

Tunnels are special sections of high-grade highways. When vehicles enter, pass through and exit the tunnel, a series of visual problems will occur. In order to adapt to changes in vision, additional electro-optical lighting needs to be set up. Tunnel lights are special lamps mainly used for tunnel lighting.

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  1. Product Details
1 Input AC200~240V
2 Frequency 50/60HZ
3 Rated power Normal 30w
Emergency 18/25/30
4 Power Efficiency Normal >90%
Emergency >75%
5 PF ≥0.9
6 CCT 3000~5000K
7 Installation angle -50~50

Maximum projected area subjected to wind


Normal 0.021m2
Emergency 0.032m2
9 IP Rating IP65
10 Electrical insulation class CLASS I
11 Torque applied to bolts or screws 17N.m
12 Housing Tempered glass
13 Temperature -30℃~40℃

Light Size


Normal 269×251×85mm
Emergency 269×251×124mm
15 Light Weight Normal 2.15kg
Emergency 2.35kg
16 Carton Size Normal 594×280×280mm
Emergency 594×360×280mm


  1. Product Features

3.1、The power consumption of GY290FGII series lamps is one-fifth of that of traditional street lamps, and the power saving reaches 50%-70%.

3.2 、The service life can reach 50,000 hours.

3.3、 Does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, stable gloss, and is not affected by age.

3.4 、Does not contain harmful elements such as lead and mercury, and is green and environmentally friendly.

3.5、 The modular design of multiple light sources and the use of high-transmittance PC lenses make the illumination range of the lamps wider and the illumination more uniform.

3.6、 The heat sink adopts the aluminum die-casting process, the lamp structure is novel, and the design of the heat dissipation teeth increases the heat dissipation area of ​​the lamp and effectively prolongs the service life of the lamp

3.7、 The protective cover is made of tempered cloth glass, the surface is evenly stressed, sturdy and reliable, and is easy to transport and clean with a high-pressure water gun.

3.8、 Reasonable sealing structure design makes the protection level of the lamp reach IP65.

3.9、 The lamp structure is simple and reasonable, and it is easy to use, install and maintain.

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  1. Product Installation

4.1、 Fix the luminaire at the installation location with expansion bolts

4.2、 Connect the cables according to the connection marks;

N: Neutral wire: Ground wire L: Live wire

  1. Product Application

GY290FGII series is suitable for factories, gymnasiums, wharfs, tunnels, billboards, buildings, lawn gardening and other places that require lighting and floodlighting.


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